Expats and international workers


During the time abroad cultural misunderstandings, stressful situations and disappointments can happen and debriefings help to release the accumulated inner tensions before entering the next phase of life.

The period of re-entry is often a phase of uncertainty and „feeling at home“ does not come overnight, but is a longer process with ups and downs. We invite you to let us accompany you in this process and to support you professionally. 



For expats and international workers we offer the following services during the phases of preparation, time abroad and re-entry:

  • Preparation-training and screening before the leaving of the home country
  • Debriefing and Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD)
  • Re-entry coaching and professional reorientation
  • Therapy and grief counseling
  • Mediation and conflict management
  • Spiritual recovery and empowerment
  • Personality development
  • Self-Care-Coaching


After our personal experience of living and working outside of our home country for 15 years, we had the possibility of conducting almost 50 debriefings or re-entry coaching sessions with people that had worked in more than 35 different countries. Those sessions showed us how important a good preparation is if expats want to integrate successfully into their new country.