Welcome in the Heilbronn MemberCareCenter!

In our interdisciplinary center we combine the following eight areas:

  • Intercultural competence
  • Psychological therapy
  • Membercare experience
  • Mediation and skills of conflict management
  • Counseling and supervision abilities
  • Spiritual and theological ressources
  • Organizational development consulting
  • Coaching of CEOs, leaders and teams

This variety is possible due to our qualifications, competence and experience:

Astrid Scharnweber
Astrid Scharnweber

Astrid Scharnweber was born in Communist Romania and emigrated to Germany in 2006. She is married interculturally for more than 25 years with her husband Christoph. Together they raised up a Romanian foster child. She holds a degree in psychology from Bucharest University and is a licensed Psychotherapist according to the German HPG-law. Many years ago she opened a praxis of psychology, counseling and supervision. She speaks German, English and Romanian fluently. Astrid is part of the Membercare-Core-Team of AEM, a German federation of various sending organizations.

Christoph Scharnweber
Christoph Scharnweber

Christoph Scharnweber was born in Germany, is married to Astrid and worked for 15 years in Eastern Europe. He holds different university degrees in Theology, Intercultural Studies and East European Studies. He is a certified intercultural coach and mediator. After his re-entry to Germany he worked as a pastor and for different sending organizations where he took care of more than 100 long- and short-termers. He is member of board of the APCM, a German federation of various sending organizations, and leads its department of Membercare. He is a travelling speaker, member of board and adviser to different internationally working organizations.

All services can be supplied at our Center, online via Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp, Telegram etc. or everywhere in the world by travelling.